Scape It Out

Music For Installations - Scape It Out - cover
Music For Installations - Scape It Out - inside

Sculpting existing sounds into a very direct sonic landscape... .

Scape It Out by Music For Installations is the result of a proces that you can compare with making a sculpture. The cornerstone for this album dates back from 2007. Music For Installations used these themes in his first sonic soundscapes.

The third track - Tutorial for opposite moving circles - has been selected for the very interesting Soundlab Exhibition of 2009 and made an on-line appeareance inside this project.

What Music For Installations says about these sound experiences: "Creating a sonic landscape is like sculpting. By transforming existing sounds recorded anywhere on this planet, you create a new platform of ideas. The result is a very direct soundworld. The final scapes are a result of continuous refining and polishing of the acquired elements, just like you would do when creating a statue."

By releasing them into the Colourado studio, and giving them an own life, these four audio-adventures have emerged and will from now on be a 'perpetuum mobile'. They will move on and on forever and ever.

We invite you to join in, sit in the middle and experience.