Jovica Storer - Gekarameliseerd - cover

We are very happy to announce that Jovica Storer decided to remaster one of his masterpieces: GEKARAMELISEERD (formerly also know by CARAMEL). So, it's back available on C-O-L-O-U-R-S. This extensive album accompanied the opinions-of-art exhibition with the same name. GEKARAMELISEERD stands for sweetness (CARAMEL) and you will certainly recknognize the sweet touch in the way the surrounding and atmosphere is evoked by Jovica. Sweet does not mean mellow, far from that. It is there that you see the hand of the musician, that steers firmy over the different pieces. This music is a perfect creator of atmosperhic vibrations and thus ideal for the seekers of a good listening story which could provide them inspiration and hopefully incent their own creativity.
Enjoy a ride through 180 minutes of ambient jewelry!