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    Jovica Storer is Jovica Storer.

    Well, OK, that was maybe a bit too easy. Let us have a look what was said on the good old MySpace page:

    "Joost Carpentier (aka Jovica Storer) is a Belgian electronic music composer/producer who has been addicted to aural vibrations ever since his youth. He learned to play the piano as a child an started improvising his own creations as a teenager. After being a radio jockey for several years, he went DJ-ing in several pubs and on local parties. In his early twenties he bought his first synthesizer and a computer and started sequencing. Since that day in the summer of 1989, he has never ceased to explore new territory on the planet of electronic sound."

    Visit this man on BANDCAMP HERE.

    IMPORTANT: We will slowly fill up his catalogue on Bandcamp. So keep an eye out there.


  • Beyond Word contains the original music which was composed for an art exhibition by Opinions Of Art. The release is on Bandcamp. As this is a whopping library of music, the release is planned over five albums.

    Jovica Storer - Beyond Words album cover
  • Jovica Storer explores his borderlines and proposes new work where no genre will be untouched.

    Jovica Storer - Borderlines - cover
  • Electronic Innerscapes REMASTERED! 31 colourful photorealistic heart opening aural paintings.

    Jovica Storer - Electronic Innerscapes - cover
  • Finally back and fully REMASTERED on C-O-L-O-U-R-S. 3 hours of music! This masterpiece is a perfect match for the seekers of inspirational atmospheres.

    Jovica Storer - Gekarameliseerd - cover
  • Following the exhibition "Innerlijk Ritme" (= "inner rhythm"), Jovica Storer sets off again with a vivid and moving musical journey of more than four hours.

    Jovica Storere - Innerlijk Ritme - cover
  • In cooperation with haiku-master Geert Verbeke who added wonderful singing bowls flavours. Element is an aural interpretation of the five Japanese Elements. This is a remaster of a succesful musical milestone by Jovica Storer.

    Jovica Storer - Geert Verbeke - Element - cover